110x53x75 mm


– Wall-mount controler.
– Selectable Refrigerating or Heating control.
– Run on mains power supply.
– Direct compressor control through high power relay.
– Excellent evaporator fan control.
– Auxiliary output configurable in four different operation modes.
– Selectable NTCIOK or PTC input.
– Electrical, off cycle or hot gas defrost.
– Absolute or relative temperature alarms
– Door open alarm.
– Automatic condenser maintenance warning.
– On/Off button.
– Optional light control button.
– Quick programming through ZOT-AT2 key.

High or Low Temperature cold stores.

All models come with detachable screw terminals and alarm buzzer.
Versions with 115V power supply are available.
In oder to know more options available for the models, please consult LAE or our local dealer.

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