Wireless communication converter

The LAE electronic wireless communication system, combined with the TAB supervisory software, allows equipment run by LAE controllers to be monitored easily without the need of a hard-wired cable. This system will be particularly useful in supermarkets and kitchens where the laying of wires is costly and difficult, both for new and existing plants.
The SWB modules developed by LAE electronics, allow all the LAE controllers fitted with a TTL or RS485 port to be incorporated into such a system.

Technical data
– Radio frequency band: ISM 2.4GHz
– Range: up to 40m indoor with obstacles
– Serial port
   SWB-C: RS232 on DB-9 connector
   SWB-R: selectable TTL/RS485, on Ampmodu II 4-way connector
– Max. number of peripherals on RS485 port: 63
– LED ’s: power supply / associated to network, serial port transmission, serial port receive
– Power supply: 230Vac /3W
– Dimensions: 110x75x53 mm 

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