Monitoring, logging and programming software

Main Features
• Overall plant monitoring
• Compatible with the wireless communication system
• Storage of temperature, humidity, pressure, alarms
• Display and printing in numerical and graphic form of stored data
• Export of stored data for Excel* or others
• Diagnostics with dynamic graphs of all analog inputs
• Virtual instrument for analysing the system and setting regulator parameters
• Automatic or on demand sending of SMS to trace alarm status
• Connection to remote PC for tele-servicing via Internet
• Several languages available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish etc.

Available options
Available as full optional as described above but also in a “low cost version” for data logging only. This version is called TAB LV.

Supervision of the refrigeration process in supermarkets, convenience stores, shops, petrol stations, large kitchens, food factories, cruise ships etc.

System requirements
• Computer with Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system installed and properly running, minimum processor and memory as required from Windows version – USB port – Mouse – CD-ROM drive
• 1024×768 pixel screen resolution, 16-bit colour
• 1GB available on Hard Disk
• RS232 serial port (COM); an additional port is required if a GSM modem is fitted
• In case of wireless communication with the controllers, modules SWB-C and SWB-R are needed. Alternatively, an RS232-RS485 converter mod. SBC485 has to be fitted in case of a hard-wired system. 
• GSM modem for sending SMS

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